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Ferris Wheel


Welcome to Zombieland! The theme park you can't enter. Due to being too overrun with zombies, we have to close the place down. So don't go..whatever you do...


The image above is of the exhibit of "Zombieland". The poster for Zombieland is on the door, as well as caution tape, to warn the viewer to keep away. This exhibition is looking at the idea of the unknown. Yes I've told you Zombieland is behind that door, but what if it's not? What if i lied? Is it even worse than Zombieland? You will never know, and the fear of not knowing what is behind that door, makes it more scarier. And the tape around the door, makes the viewer want to open to the door, but can't because I've said it dangerous. But if you open the door, well you know what they say..curiosity killed the cat.

Click the image below to look and learn about the Zombieland poster.

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